Personhood Education

New York, Inc.

    2018 BringingAmerica Back  To Life - New York

​    Saturday March 3, 2018    12Noon-5PM
    Hofstra University Club


​         Gualberto Garcia Jones, Esq

Human Rights Advisor to the Permanent Observer

  Mission of the Holy See to the Organization of

 American States, Founder "Red Interamericana de

    Derecho Humanso",  Executive Director of the

  "International Human Rights Group"


 "Personhood is the Fulfillment of

     the Civil Rights Movement."

Executive Director Emeritus and Senior Consultant, End of Life Choices New York, which seeks to legalize medical aid in dying, having served as Executive Director for 14 years. Under his leadership legislation has been enacted in New York to improve pain management, palliative care and end of life care.  Mr. Leven was previously the Executive Director of Prisoners' Legal Services of New York and Monroe County Legal Assistance Corporation".​

 Former Law Clerk to the

 Washington State Supreme     Court and the Washington State Court of Appeals. She worked for a year with the United States Department of Justice and has been in private  practice since 1990. Dore is also president of Choice is an Illusion, a nonprofit corporation opposed to assisted suicide and euthanasia.  She is President of the Foundation for Choice Illusion"​​


  " ”Wait" has almost always meant never.

    Why compromising with abortion

    advocates has not worked in the first 45

    years after Roe and why it will never


     Rev. Johnny McClurkin Hunter, DD

   National Director & Founder L.E.A.R.N

  "Life Education And Resource Network"

President, Global Life & Family Mission (GLFM), a ministry dedicated to promoting traditional family values, racial harmony, and the survival of children around the world. 

     Margaret Dore, Esq                 David  Leven, JD