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International Gift of Life Walk - New York City

March 25, 2017 

DEADLINE - Saturday, MARCH 18, 2017

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Help keep the youngest pro-life WALK in New York City walking.

We Are Made In His Image

Our Grand Marshals:

Dr Alveda King, Tim Jaccard, Chris Slattery

Registration is a two part sequence.

1) ​Fill out the 'Registration Form' & press 'submit'.

2) ​​Complete your registration process by submitting your 'Banner/Sign Registration Fee' of $35 by  

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                   ~Call (631) 487-7578 or email BringingAmericaBackToLifeNY@gmail.com if you have any questions.



                              Registration for WALK


       Greetings on behalf of the International Gift of Life Walk Committee! We invite you to join in the WALK for what will be a memorable and fun time for 
       everyone involved.

       This is Walk is a pro-life Walk, and the purpose is to bring awareness to the great value of each and every human life, from the moment of conception
       to natural death.  The Walk is also a celebratory walk, celebrating the gift of human life in all of its stages, because We are made in the Image and 
       Likeness of God.


      This year the WALK is going to be on Saturday, March 25, 2017 at 9 am and take place at the Ground Zero of the Culture of Death.
      The WALK Formation will begin @ 8:00am 

             in Foley Square:  Lafayette St & Worth St, New York, NY 10007.


     Participants & Banners


      Organizations who want to carry a banner, or signs, in the 2017 International Gift of Life Walk - NYC must submit the Registration Form below, together

      with a $35 Banner/Sign Submission Fee.  An image of the Organization's Banner, and/or Sign, must be sent in for approval no later than the Deadline. 

       DEADLINE SUBMISSION -  Saturday, March 18, 2017 

     The International Gift of Life Walk Committee reserves the right to not allow those Banners and/or Signs which go against the mission

      and purpose of the Walk.

      Deadline Submission is  Saturday, March 18, 2017 

      Please submit all the information required and then submit the $35  Banner/Sign Submission Fee for your organization.

      More information will follow your Registration submission for the lineup times and location for the Walk. Your participation is strongly encouraged, and our 

      committee stands prepared to assist you in any way possible.

      If you have any questions please contact the parade chair: 

                    Dawn (631) 487-7578 or email BringingAmericaBackToLifeNY@gmail.com

                     All parts of the Registration Form must be filled out.


    Filling out the form and paying the $35 Walk Fee, means that you have read all of the International Gift of Life Walk Rules and Regulations** and serves

    as an act of signing the International Gift of Life Walk Liability Waiver*** and serves as the Representative of the Organization held responsible for your unit.







​​  **International Gift of Life Walk - NYC Rules and Regulations

  •             The International Gift of Life - NYC  Committee reserve the right to remove any entrant from the parade either prior to assembly, while assembling or any time during

             the parade.

  •             Vehicles will not be allowed in the parade unless pulling a float or providing transportation for pageant entrants.  Excepts will be considered for antique vehicles and other

             organized specialty car groups with prior approval.

  •             Forward movement maneuvers only by marching units are permitted.  No units may stop forward motion for performances except in the areas designated by the

            International Gift of Life Walk - NYC Committee.  This stop may not exceed 90 seconds. 

  •           A space of 50 feet between each unit will be enforced. All units are required to close gap between units when instructed by parade officials. Failure to  do so may warrant removal from the parade.
  •             The consumption of alcohol or other illegal substances is strictly prohibited before and during the parade. Anyone suspected of being in violation of this policy will be asked to leave immediately.  Participants consuming alcohol prior to or during the parade will be removed from the lineup.  
  • Use high intensity sound making devices is strongly discouraged.  Sound of any type must be approved by the Rotary Parade Committee and must be at a compatible sound level.    Walk officials have the complete authority in this matter and reserve the right to withdraw any unit that does not comply with their instructions to turn down or turn off sound when instructed to do so. Failure to comply with the officials’ instructions will result in immediate removal from the Walk. 
  • Political campaigning is not permitted.
  • The International Gift of Life Walk Committee reserves the right to not allow Banners/Signs that are contrary to the Mission and Purpose of the Walk.
  • ​  Participants must clean up any mess or debris left by your unit. 

  • Application fees are non-refundable for accepted entries.  Each entry must pay the appropriate fee.
  • The International Gift of Life Walk - NYC Committee reserves the right to accept or decline any entry.
  •  Safety is our utmost concern. Please remember that all backpacks and large bags are subject to search by NYPD.


  •       The only vehicles pulling floats or providing transportation for the Grand Marshals will be allowed in the parade.   Other organized specialty car groups with prior approval.  
  •        Drivers of Vehicles must provide Drivers License & Insurance papers on the day of the Walk for inspection by NYPD. Not having the proper documentation will result in removal from the Walk. 
  • Participants may NOT  jump on a float to ride and may NOT interfere with any other unit in any way.  
  • No participants will dismount from a float during the Walk route. Participants will not have body parts, particularly legs and feet, extending past the sides, front or rear of the float.  This is an extreme safety hazard.



  • No unit may stop forward motion to perform except in areas designated by the Rotary Parade Committee.  Performance stops may not last more than 90 seconds.
  • If for any reason a gap of greater than 50 feet is created, marching units must increase their pace to close the gap.


  • All entries will be assigned a line-up number and receive further instructions about the WALK upon receipt and approval of the application.


  •  Kings/Queens from any Elementary, Jr. High, High School, College or recognized pageant will be considered for the Walk at the discretion of the International Gift of Life Walk - NYC Committee.  Eligible entries for consideration will include private/public, elementary/secondary, college institutions and recognized pageant winners.  Kings/Queens must be at least 5 years old.   


  •        Rally at Thomas Paine Park - also known as Foley Square
  •        Proceed south on Centre Street and turn right on Reade Street
  •        Proceed to Broadway and make a left heading south.
  •        Continue on Broadway (also known as "Canyon of Heroes") until you get to the Charging Bull. ( aprox. 1 mile).
  •        As you approach the Charging Bull, veer left at the fork, and continue to head south on Whitehall Street.
  •        Continue and make a left on Stone Street walk until Broad street. 
  •        Walk disperses at Broad Street and Stone Street.  

   *** Waivers and Releases:

  •   Entry and advertising release: In consideration of acceptance of your entry in the Walk, the entrant agrees to permit the International Gift of Life Walk - NYC to use their names and/or photographs, films or tapes of the units for publicity, advertising and commercial promotion, before, during and after the event, and gives permission to publish or sell or otherwise dispose of said photographs, films or tapes.

  •   Liability release: All parade entries are required to have a representative sign the liability waiver on their WALK application. The representative signing for each unit takes full responsibility for their unit in the parade. The representative also agrees that his/her unit fully understands and agrees to adhere to these Rules and Regulations. Marshals and or Parade Traffic Control will check for and ask to speak with the representative during set up.  
  •  International Gift of Life Walk - NYC comes under a 501(c)3 non-profit and does not endorse any political candidate or party or political issue

      Elected officials are welcomed to Walk to represent the office that they hold. Candidates can participate in the Walk but cannot be the focus (in part or in whole) of any unit. Under no circumstances can any political information about any candidate or political issue be handed out or promoted/displayed as part of any unit.

    Failure to adhere to these Rules and Regulations could mean unit ejection from the parade without refund and/or failure for unit to participate in future Walks.
  • I acknowledge that the International Gift of Life Walk (“Walk”) requires some strenuous physical activity and endurance, and I have sufficiently trained for the event. I certify, to the best of my knowledge, that I have no physical condition which will be aggravated by the activity and amount of endurance exerted or which will impair my ability to participate in and withstand the contemplated activities.
  • I hereby release and discharge Personhood Education New York, its corporate sponsors, promoters, volunteers, employees, and other representatives (collectively “PENY”) from any and all liability, claims, demands, or causes of action that I may hereafter have for injuries or damages arising out of my participation in the Walk except for PENY’s gross negligence or intentional misconduct during the Walk. I further agree that I will not sue or make claim against PENY for damages or other losses sustained as a result of my participation in the Walk including but not limited to equipment malfunction from whatever cause or inadequate training. I also agree to indemnify and hold PENY harmless from all claims, settlements, judgments and costs, including but not limited to attorneys’ fees, and to reimburse PENY for any expenses whatsoever incurred in connection with an action brought by me or on my behalf as a result of my participation in the PENY.

  • I hereby give my consent to PENY to authorize treatment on my behalf in the event of an emergency or illness. I agree to reimburse PENY for any and all costs incurred for such care. I grant permission for the use of my name, likeness, photograph, film, or other audio and video recordings of any kind in connection with this event, including use on PENY’s website and in PENY’s publications. I have carefully read this agreement and fully understand its contents.


  • I, as a parent or legal guardian of the above named minor have carefully read this agreement and fully understand its contents. I give permission and take full responsibility for my child to participate in the Walk and hereby execute this “Waiver and Release” in all its terms and conditions on behalf of my child. 


            Personhood Education NY, Inc. (aka PENY) is faith based and Christ centered. any person or institution to claim rights over the life and death of persons. We hold

            that a human being is that which is created in the image of God, which we affirm to be permanently present at the moment of conception. This implies that all human

            beings from the moment of conception to natural death maintain certain rights inherent to personhood which no human authorities, in the case of all innocent

            persons, are permitted to revoke. We hold that in Christ laying claim on all power and authority in heaven and on earth (Matthew 28:18) He alone has authority over

            life and death, and so it is not only a crime against humanity but an assault against the supremacy of Christ for any person or institution to claim rights over the life

            and death of persons.

           PENY embraces the Biblical Sexual and Reproductive Ethics. The basis for the organization’s ethical and moral standards is found in the Bible. In terms of sexual

           identification and behavior, we affirm that any sexual activity outside the context of the covenant of marriage between one man and one woman is sinful before God

           and therefore inconsistent with the values and principles of the organization. Within these limits, we grant acceptance to Applicants who do not engage in or promote

           sexual immorality of any kind, or engage in behavior that would become a distraction to the mission of the organization.

                                                               We Look forward to seeing you at the First Annual International Gift of Life Walk - NYC  March 25, 2017 9am Rally Time!