1) Robert Muise, ESQ; American Freedom Law Center - "Personhood- If Not Now, When?"

2) Jo Tolck; Executive Director at Human Life Alliance - "Abortion to Imposed Death”

3) Rebecca Kiessling: Save the 1, Conceived in rape, Targeted for Abortion, “From Worthless to Priceless”

4) Ayesha Kreutz: President Frederick Douglas Foundation, Black/Hispanic Initiative - "Without Personhood, We Are  


5) Josh Craddock: United Nations Representative at World Development Coalition, “Personhood Gone Global!” 

6)  Lisa Honkanen, MD: Geriatrician, “Age, A Fatal Diagnosis”

7) Dan Becker:   Founder & President Personhood Alliance, President Georgia Right To Life, Author: “What is the  

                                                                                                                                                      Modern Personhood Movement?”



Personhood Education

New York, Inc.

Personhood New York's Coming Out Conference - October 24th, 2014