​​​We Look forward to seeing you at the 

3rd Annual International Gift of Life Walk - NYC  

March 25, 2019
Foley Square
9am Rally Time!

Help keep the youngest pro-life WALK in New York City walking.
PAY $35

International Gift of Life Walk-NYC

WALK Board Advisor

Pastor Clenard Childress

WALK Committee
Philip A. McManus

Catherine Donohoe

John F Picciochi

Gina Skelton

Pamela Menera

Rosa Cerrata

Phil P. McManus

Gerald Yeung

Lucy Panama

Emily Ullaguari

Chiara Eskew

Lenore Tener

Dawn Eskew 

International Gift of Life Walk - New York City

March 25, 2019 






*****   Please fill out the Registration Form that applies to you below. *****

There is a Group Registration Fee of $35.   

​Individual Registration is Free.

Deadline to Register is March 16th 2019

Greetings   on behalf of the International Gift of Life Walk Committee! We invite you to join in the WALK for what will be a memorable and honorable time for everyone involved. 

This WALK is a pro-life Walk where you become a Pro-Life hero as you make awareness and witness to the Truth of  the great value of each and every human life, from the moment of conception to natural death.  

The Walk is also a celebratory walk, celebrating the gift of human life in all of its stages, because "We Are Made 
in the Image and Likeness of God." Genesis 1:27

The WALK is going to be on Sunday, March 25, 2019 and begin at 9am

in Manhattan's Foley Square and proceed through the "Canyon of Heroes" and past the "Charging Bull" in witness to the sanctity of human life.  

The WALK is just under 1 mile.
Foley Square is located at 111 Worth St, New York, NY 10007.

​Looking forward to seeing you there!

Changing hearts and minds is what it is all about.

2019 WALK  Registration 

   ~   OUR   2019   GRAND   PROLIFE   HEROES   ~ 

                            Stay Tuned for Updates!


Individuals who want to participate and do not belong to a group should register here. that would include a group of friends or whole families.

Thank you.

"We Are Made In His Image"  Genesis 1:27


A "Group" is an official group like a Church, School, non-for -profit, Joe's Pizza, but not a group of families, or a group of friends.

Those kinds of groups should register as an Individual.

Thank you.