Personhood Education

New York, Inc.

             Cardinal Dolan interviewing Rebecca Kiessling from "Save the 1"

                on Catholic Channel SiriusXM,  during the 2015 March for Life, 

                                                           January 22, 2015

Personhood Education New York, Inc (aka PENY) holds the position that all human life is precious and made in the Image and likeness of God. Since that being the case, that would include the unborn babies, the young child from birth to the age of reasoning, the disabled, those persons with mental disabilities, or having any other disability ,and even those persons conceived in rape and incest. 

The Rape and Incest exception, from the beginning of the prolife movement, has been the issue that has always been danced around. Personhood New York, to be consistent with true prolife message, stands to protect even those conceived in rape or incest.

One of the supporters of the Personhood Movement is Rebecca Kiessling, Founder of "Save the 1"

“Save The 1” is an organization of over 100 members who were conceived in rape or incest, or mothers from rape, with over 25 trained speakers.

You may contact Rebecca Kiessling directly for speaking engagements by going to her
“Save the 1” website.


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Rape Exceptions